I was asked by the cool dudes at Dash Studio to come up with a cool teaser film for their animation festival DashBash.  Working with freelance pal Matt Wilson, we had a very loose brief that the teaser was to be 6 seconds long and set on a beach.  Other than that we were given pretty free reign to make whatever we wanted - dream!
Role: Direction, Art Direction, Design, Animation. Alongside Matt Wilson.
Behind the scenes
We really wanted to combine 2d and 3d animation in this in a fun way that meshed together nicely and felt like it all lived in the same world.  Using a combination of Cinema 4d, Redshift, Blender, After Effects and good old pencil and paper, we tried to match lighting and colour palettes to make that beachy feeling really pop.  Tricky to do in 6 seconds but I'm really happy with the result!
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