I was brought in to help out the talented folks at Picturesmith with a lovely animated ident for Picturehouse cinemas.  Picturehouse cinemas have quite a unique feel and tend to play more unusual titles and have more glamourous decor than your average cinema.
This ident tells the story of two friends visiting the cinema, whose other customers are famous fictional characters from the movie world - some of the other guests include Totoro, Mary Poppins and Laurel & Hardy.
To create the film, they asked me to animate the characters in 2d using after effects.  We then created character sheets where we rendered out every moving element on a single sheet, which was then cut out of coloured paper and animated on a multiplane camera, replacing each papercut model for every frame of movement.
A huge effort from everyone involved on this and came together really well!

Client: Picturehouse
Studio: Picturesmith
Stop Motion: Picturesmith
2d Animation: Sam Bevington (thebevlak.com)
Art Dept. Assistant: Magda Madra
Music: Richard de Rosa
Sound Design: Fonic

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